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The Different Types of Tutors

What are the different types of tutors?

In general, private tutors can be grouped into 3 main groups as follow:

1. Student Tutors. Often aged 17 and above, they could be JC or Polytechnic students, awaiting enrolment into NS or University, or Undergraduates or Post-Graduate students. They are the most commonly engaged tutors in Singapore as they’re least costly and have the most flexible timetable. Rates start from $15 – $25/hr for primary school students. Click here to get a request for a student tutor.

2. NIE Trainees / MOE Tutors. All MOE Tutors are certified by the National Institute of Education They’re either current or ex school teachers. These tutors are updated with the syllabus, and are well-trained to handle various types of students. Thus, they demand a higher price too. Rates start from $40 – $60/hr (MOE Tutors) and $25 – $40/hr (NIE Trainees) for primary school students. Click here to get a request for a MOE tutor.

3. Graduate / Undergraduate Tutors. Graduate and undergraduate tutors often set a good example for their students. Students look up to them as they have achieved great results themselves. Apart from their knowledge in the subjects they teach, they also give students the motivation to pursue great results. Rates start from $25 – $40/hr for primary school students. Click here to get a request for a Undergrad/Grad tutor.

What are the rates of private tutors?

The rates depend on their experience and qualification. These are the average rates quoted in 2018 taken from EDUPRIME Home Tuition Agency . Click here for the updated market rate

I’ve decided to hire a home tutor, what's next?

Many parents find their tutors based on friends’ recommendations. There are also numerous agencies in Singapore that provide tutor matching services at no cost (no matching fees/hidden charges) to the parents/students. However, they do charge 50% of the first month’s tuition fee from the tutor as commission for helping them find a tuition assignment.

The first step is to fill up a form. The more details you provide, the better chance of finding a suitable match. Usually the matching process takes 3-5 days. However, certain requests may take longer than usual to process, for example, requesting for a MOE tutor of specific gender, and race for a specialty subject such as IB Theory of Knowledge, but at a budget below the market rate, and specifically at 9am on a Saturday. Reason being not only does the agency require to source for a suitable tutor who is available at a specific slot, the agency needs to negotiate with the tutor to take up the assignment at a fee that is below market rate.

After filling up the request form, what's next? Well, it's time to relax and let the coordinators do the hardwork! Below shows the entire process from form filling to getting a tutor.

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